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Carrier tapes are one of the most essential components for bringing your product safely to your customer. As a leading manufacturer of carrier tapes and carrier tape forming systems. The portfolio ranges from standard carrier tapes and special solutions, optimized for secure packaging of electronic components, dies and IC modules, to the manufacturing of the corresponding production equipment. The present invention is directed to a carrier tape having pockets for carrying electronic components. The carrier tape includes a longitudinally extending elevated central portion having a plurality of pockets formed therein and two side portions, each side portion disposed on opposite sides of the elevated central portion and extending longitudinally therewith, wherein each side portion is attached to the elevated central portion by an inclined portion such that the central portion is higher than the side portions when disposed in a flat configuration, and wherein each of the two side portions includes an adhesion zone that is spaced apart from the elevated central portion, wherein each of the plurality of pockets includes at least one side wall that extends down from a top surface of the elevated central portion and is joined to a bottom wall, and wherein the bottom wall of each of the pockets defines a reference plane. As electronic equipment is miniaturized, the storage, handling, and transport of electronic components become more important. Generally, the electronic components are transported to an assembly location in a carrier tape assembly that has a plurality of pockets formed therein to hold the electronic components. The carrier tape assembly includes a carrier tape and a cover tape or film. Carrier tapes are often manufactured in a thermoforming or embossing operation in which a web of thermoplastic polymer is delivered to a mold that forms the component pockets in the carrier tape. A cover film can be heat sealed continuously along the edges of the carrier tape to seal the electronic components within the pockets of the carrier tape.