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Polyester high temperature tape is widely used for masking during powder coating, paint spraying, electroplating, or holding parts in place during rework or repair of electronic components. Polyester tape is a dark green or blue polyester tape with silicone adhesive. It can be used in a large variety of high temperature applications including powder coat masking, flash breaker, and bag sealing applications. Additional applications include splicing, tabbing, or roll closing silicone treated liners or materials. The Specification is the same as Polyimide Tape only the backing material is polyester and not polyamide. Temperature resistance is 300℃. it is best suited for powder coating application because even at 300℃ it is resistant to various acids and chemicals in the powder coating application. The Silicone adhesive removes cleanly from many surfaces and leaves no adhesive or residue behind. It is also highly suitable for flash breaker in the aerospace industry and can be used as a high temperature photo splicing tape. Temperature resistance and the nature of the adhesive backing are particularly important. The tape must be able to withstand the cure oven temperature and the adhesive should be easy to remove without extra effort or secondary operations. Polyester tape with silicone adhesive is commonly used for powder coating. Tapes are excellent for covering spots on parts that need to be free of Powder coating. They can also cover holes or threads. Tapes are flexible and usually cost effective.