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Electrical antistatic tape is a transparent polyester film, ideal for use near electronic components and assemblies. They generate less than 50 volts on unwind and removal from stainless steel, helping to prevent ESD damage to sensitive electronics components in manufacturing environments. The triboelectric charge may vary with your application and environment. Antistatic tape is especially suited for office, clean room and workstation use, closing static shielding bags, container sealing/holding and label stock. Utilizing our range of converting capabilities we can offer antistatic tape in custom width and length rolls or in custom shapes and final presentations. Low Static Polyimide Film Tape is a translucent, polyimide film-backed silicone adhesive tape with unique and extremely low electrostatic discharge properties. Applications are Masking or protecting residue sensitive areas on printed circuit boards during high temperature operations such temperature operations such as wave soldering and solder reflow, Mask for printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process, Used as release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperatures.