General Purpose tape

General Purpose tape Daest coating not only focuses on mobile industry, PCB industry, solar panel, battery industry..etc even it also manufacture the general purpose tape for the protection of goods…and many more purposes. Daest Coating is also approaching customers with high quality management system based on over 500 kind of product.

We also manufacturing suitable tapes for general purpose in various industries like –

Solar Energy Panel

  • Natural white color for high reflection
  • To shield BUS Bar and rear side of Panel

EMI/RFI Shielding Tape

  • EMI Tapes based on Cu & Al Foil and conductive fabric
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance, noise interference
  • To avoid malfunction by electromagnetic wave

Splicing Tape

  • To splice release treated film (Prism Sheet) & release paper (Artificial leather)
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance and no residue after heating process

Carriers Tape

  • High heat resistance and easy to remove.
  • Protect various type of surface with a wide range of product.
  • Easy to adhere various type of surface with high adhesion and insulation.
  • Protect electric terminal from damages by high heat.

Protection of Goods

  • Immediately use a wide various manufacturing process due to high heat resistant and chemical resistant.
  • Customized product is available from R&D and production.


  • Easy to adhere curved surface.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Minimized air-bubble.