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ISO 9001:14001

Number #1

Supplier in Across World

Total Tape/Film Supplier

Of Industrial Solutions
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Welcome To Daest Coating India Pvt Ltd

We, Daest Coating are continuously providing a wide various tapes by excellent chemical & heat resistant and no residue after peel off. These products always provided with full range of adhesion and color for your satisfaction. Request a quote.

For (F)PCB Industry

Prevent contamination and damage during production.

For Mobile & Display

Manufacture the most suitable tapes for High-Tech devices.

For Battery

Manufacturing suitable tapes for portable device and automotive battery.

Home Appliances

Manufacturing suitable tapes for home appliance

Led & Semi-Conductor

Manufacturing suitable tape for back-end process of semi-con.

General Purpose

Manufacturing suitable tapes for general purpose

Double-sided-acrylic-film tape for NFC

NFC Industry Tape/Film

Manufacturing strong adhesion double sided tape
for NFC Inddustry

Protection Tape

Protection Tape

Manufacturing PET film Silicone tape with low adhesion & high heat resistance.

tape for solar cell

Solar cell Tape/Film

Manufacturing high heat resistance with no adhesive residue

Daest Coating India has been committed to the improvement and showcasing of weight delicate tapes for use in an extensive variety of applications and markets for a long time.

Daest Coating begins with customer satisfaction. It made us to stand where we are and we will continue to move forward to achieve customers’ goal together. Based on strong partnership and faith, Daest Coating is trying to provide most suitable products and services to increase customer satisfaction. Daest Coating wants to be your competitiveness through our product.

Daehyun ST, a mother company of Daest Coating India Pvt Ltd can produce Max. 500,000㎡ Tapes under strict QC system per day.

We maintain the best quality of products through quality control and standardization of production system. We also conduct research on high adhesive technology to reduce the cost, increase productivity and provide after-sales services for customers. Over 50 integrated technologies and over 900 types of products. We provide various types of tapes to support customers in their businesses by manufacturing the most competitive products.

Our Products

We have devoted all our strength to develop leading products based on the best R&D center in Korea.

We’re always interested in new products, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us please call +91 95 99112726 or send us an e-mail.

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply submit a quote.


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