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Window insulation film is a plastic film which can be applied to glass windows to reduce heat transfer. There are two types in common use designed to reduce heat flow via radiation and convection respectively. Windows are frequently significant weak spots when insulating houses and apartments. Especially in old houses, they are real energy hogs and cause unnecessary costs. With our self-adhesive sealing solutions, you can quickly and easily save energy. Our rubber seals, foam seals, and profiles make sure that the cold air will stay outside and the warm air inside. That way, the heaters won’t have to work that hard to create a cozy living space at pleasant temperatures. It protects for up to 60 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind. It can be used for construction, renovations, interior & exterior painting, door & window manufacturing, plastering, stucco, and brick acid washing. Window Insulation Tapes and achieving a continuous and efficient airtight layer is only half the battle. Thermal bypass (commonly known as wind-washing) can have a detrimental effect on a buildings heating efficiency. Penetration of air into and around the insulating fabric from outside, reduces the performance of the insulation. Air passing through the space from inside to outside of the thermal envelope causes wind-washing. Thermal bypass can reduce performance of an insulated building element by 40-70%. That’s the main reason why window insulation tapes are so important. Insulation is not fully effective unless installed without gaps, compressions and alignment with a continuous and durable air barrier.