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Protection Film prevents damage (Scratch, Strain) on surface of product such as smart phone window, Glass, PMMA, PC, Bezel. It also can be used without any transition of product in a wide range of temperature circumstances. Silicone screen protector film, an anti-fingerprint (AF) silicone adhesive protection film used for consumer accessory like smart phone, tablet protection film/tape. It is featured with Anti-fingerprint (AF) and protecting the touch phone window, Smartphone, Tablet. It also consist the protection polyester film and excellent wettability means no air bubbles when applied. The product is easy to peel off and no residue after removal. Anti-scratch silicone low adhesion PET film consist the hard-coated layer protects any scratch on surface and no residue after peel-off from the surface. The product has great wettability and no air bubbles. This is laminated with White PET liner so ‘die-cut’ is possible due to lamination with a liner. These protective products can be used over windows and on carpet to protect during construction or inclement weather, but they can also be used to protect materials, such as plastic, metal, or glass from scratches or damage during the production or shipping process. Surface protection products typically carry low to moderate tack adhesives to ensure no residue upon removal. These products are used for temporary protection on glass and other durable, solid surfaces. Films shield against environmental contaminants, such as dirt, dust Designed originally for window protection, these tapes are versatile and suitable for use also in industrial applications as where surface damage prevention required. They are used to shield against environmental contaminants such as dirt, dust, and moisture as well as more direct damage due to overspray of construction materials and scratches.