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Screen protector silicone film protects from damage during manufacturing or transportation. It prevent damage (Scratch, Strain) on Product such as smart phone window, Glass, PMMA, PC, Bezel. Silicone screen protector film, an anti-fingerprint (AF) silicone adhesive protection film used for consumer accessory like smart phone, tablet protection film/tape. It is featured with Anti-fingerprint (AF) and protecting the touch phone window, Smartphone, Tablet. It also consist the protection polyester film and excellent wettability means no air bubbles when applied. The product is easy to peel off and no residue after removal. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a type of plastic available in several variations. The polyester film for guarding the screen has a scratch resistant matte coating on one side and a silicone adhesive on the other. … Tempered glass (TG) screen protectors are the sure-shot best among all the options you have.  Silicone, films is a new form of presentation that greatly extends the reach of high-tech silicone technology and offers pioneering, key advantages. Available from Silex Silicones in a range of thicknesses from 20 µm (0.02mm) to 400 µm (0.4mm). Silicones, also known as polysiloxanes, are polymers that include any inert, synthetic compound made up of repeating units of siloxane, which is a chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, frequently combined with carbon or hydrogen or both. They are typically heat-resistant and rubber-like, and are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medicine, cooking utensils, and thermal and electrical insulation. Some common forms include silicone oilsilicone greasesilicone rubbersilicone resin, and silicone caulk.