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Screen protector silicone film protects from damage during manufacturing or transportation. It prevent damage (Scratch, Strain) on Product such as smart phone window, Glass, PMMA, PC, Bezel. A polyolefin is any of a class of polymers produced from a simple olefin (also called an alkene with the general formula CnH2n) as a monomer. For example, polyethylene is the polyolefin produced by polymerizing the olefin ethylene. Polypropylene is another common polyolefin which is made from the olefin propylene. A flexible, synthethic hydrocarbon polymer. It is produced from a simple olefin (alkene) with the general formula CnH2n. related uses include storage bags and containers for blood components, infusion devices and tubes for intravenousfluids, and prosthetic body parts. Polyolefin are macromolecules formed by the polymerization of olefin monomer units. The IUPAC nomenclature term is poly (alkene). The most common polyolefin are polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These polymers are prevalent in a wide array of applications depending on the material characteristics of the polymer, most notably consumer plastic. Self-amalgamating tape is a non-tacky silicone-rubber tape which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes combines or unites itself into a strong, seamless, rubbery, waterproof, and electrically insulating layer.  Polyolefin tape is a primer less, heat shrinkable tape designed to insulate and seal areas, where tubing cannot be used, for protection against moisture and corrosion.