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The release liner is the base layer of all Polyonics single and double coated tapes and label materials. Its primary function is to protect the acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) until the tape or label is ready to be applied. The liner also helps in material handling, determines the ease of which the liner is removed from the PSA and is a critical element of the die cut process. Fluorosilicone release liners are primarily used in conjunction with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s). With the Fluorosilicone coating and the silicone PSA being reactive, maintaining a stable release is much more difficult compared with a silicone coating and an acrylic/rubber based adhesive. This paper will review general fluorosilicone formulation options, silicone PSA adhesive chemistries, adhesive processing, adhesive application methods, and how each of these variables plays a role in the release characteristics of the fluorosilicone liner. The desired release criterion for a fluorosilicone liner is typically easy to very easy.  The aging characteristics of the liner in both its raw state and combined state play a role in the final release.   As the raw liner ages, releases tend to become easier and have more stable aging characteristics. The laminated materials will age up with time. Understanding and controlling these variables to a usable level can be a challenge depending on the adhesive and adhesive processing.