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Polyonics polyimide tapes are dimensionally stable at high temperatures so they remaining intact during the numerous temperature cycles batteries experience. The tapes also insulate the batteries from external high temperature heat sources within the device. In addition, the halogen free (including bromine and chlorine free), flame retardant tapes prevent the propagation of fire.
Polyonics tapes include both single coated tapes for masking and double coated tapes for bonding and are REACH and RoHS compliant. Polyonics tapes insulate batteries and, when temperatures increase, produce a unique char layer that helps prevent the release of gasses and the propagation of fire.
The tapes include several PSAs with high adhesion strengths to fit small radii, a variety of colors and gloss values, high and low opacity and thicknesses starting at 41µm to fit even the most compact smart phone or tablet designs. Polyonics offers a line of double coated tapes for high temperature, antistatic and static/static dissipative and flame retardant bonding applications. These tapes can be constructed using 1 and 2mil polyimide and polyester films or 2mil aluminum foil combined with a variety of acrylic and silicone adhesives. The adhesives can be different on each surface to best fit the application. Polyonics flame retardant tapes are specifically designed composites that prevent the propagation of fire. Using FlameGard technologies, Polyonics combines several resins and polymers to provide flame retardant performance.