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Carrier tapes are a standout amongst the most basic parts for conveying your item securely to your client. As a main maker of transporter tapes and bearer tape shaping frameworks, Daest Coating offers different bundling arrangements. The portfolio ranges from standard transporter tapes and extraordinary arrangements, streamlined for secure bundling of electronic parts, passes on and IC modules, to the assembling of the comparing generation gear. The flexible printed circuits boards’ high temperature carrier film, is made of a high-performance polyimide film coated with special adhesive, which is suitable for press protection for FPC flexible printed circuits boards. With silicon-free release film, you don’t have to worry about the moving of it. There is no residue, no trace and low pollution when the products attached to the FPC. We increase its stiffness by using the carrier film, get the protective effect of the FPC substrate at subsequent stations, and thus obtain additional mechanical stability. The way of softness and hardness combination makes it possible to process ultra-thin aluminum foil, and prevent wrinkling and defacement effectively during the production of flexible circuit boards and processes. Film carrier tape is unprecedented product with their various adhesive and high adhesion strength, high resistance against heat, moisture and aging. It mainly used without an alternative in flat surface, glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, box, profile applications because of its practical usage, cheap price. Carrier is a means of supporting and separating adhesive coatings. Also known as the web or backing. The carrier provides some additional strength and stability for handling during assembly of parts. It also facilitates secondary operations such as slitting & die cutting. Carrier Tapes include Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Foam, Paper, Tissue etc.