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Ultra High Temperature Adhesive Transfer Tapes and utilize a high performance and low outgassing adhesive system having excellent heat resistance in high temperature environments. For applications that require both higher processing and operating temperatures. As thermal problems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so to must protective tapes. Polyonics understands the chemistry of temperature. How it works, how it affects materials, components and products. Most importantly, Polyonics understands how to engineer composite materials so they remain dimensionally stable at high temperatures and continue to provide superior performance. Polyonics single coated, linered tapes are offered in three materials; polyimide, polyester and aluminum. Each material comes in a variety of configurations to provide the necessary level of thermal protection for a wide variety of applications. Ultra high temperature tapes are Low outgassing properties benefit electronic and automotive industries, Transparent, double sided, 2 mil (0.05 mm) adhesive transfer tape offers a thin profile combined with our ultra-high temperature acrylic adhesive for a long-lasting bond, High peel and shear strength creates bonds suitable for extreme conditions. Ultra high temperature adhesive transfer tape. This product utilizes a high performance and low outgassing adhesive system. This product utilizes a high performance and low outgassing adhesive system. Not only does it have excellent holding power, but also its adhesion strength is significantly higher than typical pressure sensitive tapes. High temperature tape is essential for electrical insulation, cable terminations, and splicing in high-heat applications. This is because tape products that are not specifically designed for this purpose will rapidly lose adhesion, potentially resulting in hazardous conditions.