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Polypropylene film material is most often a clear or matte bi-axially oriented polypropylene or monoaxial oriented polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer from the monomer propylene, which has good clarity, resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and a smooth surface. The clear material has a reasonable scuff resistance and a great acid resistance. Polypropylene also inert to most mild chemicals and has a fair heat resistance. Polypropylene films are softer and more flexible than polyester. Most polypropylene has a melting point of 320 degrees Fahrenheit. This high performance tape is being used more and more in industry. It is ideal as a splicing, masking or temporary holding solution for demanding applications. Will conform to irregular surfaces. This can be offered with both low and high temperature silicone adhesive and an aggressive, strong anchorage acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Choosing a Silicone Adhesive Tape can be over whelming with the options available. Configuration from adhesive type, tack, cost, UV, release liner etc.