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Semi-Conducting tapes perform electrical functions within a cable. Their primary function is to equalise the field current around the conductor or core and to ensure electrical contact with the earthing system. This reduces the electrical stress on the insulation material and enhances performance. They can also be used to prevent electrolytic corrosion of metallic armour layers. Our range of semi-conducting tapes offer excellent solutions for both core and conductor screening. They prevent extrudate penetration of the conductor wires, and with high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, help to prevent ‘birdcaging’ through strong binding properties. The range also incorporates tapes which have first class bedding characteristics, and are available in a plain or printed format. It is considered to be highly suited for stress grading of high voltage current transformer as well shielding. This product is utilized extensively for shielding telephone cables. Besides, we are offering it at suitable rates. Semi Conductive Tapes are carbon coated and are majorly used in Electronic Products. These semi conductive tape, are shock proof and are therefore used for covering electrical wires.