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Protection Tape is a temporary protective mask designed for use on mirror finish to matt finish surfaces. It provides excellent protection for painted or treated aluminum, plastics, polycarbonate sheets, powder coated surfaces & similar surfaces. Protection on Aluminium Panel and composite panels. Protection on Aluminium Embossed surfaces, Protection on powder coated surfaces Panel. Protection on Anodized Surface ( Low Tack adhesive). Environment-friendly product with no organic solvents used starting from the manufacturing stage.

Easy peeling. Withstand the stress of film expansion and contraction due to temperature change. Easy laminating at low temperature. Suitable for light processing. Minimal contamination after removal. Low density white low tack Aluminium panel protection tape can be used to protect the aluminium panel through fabrication, panel protection tape can be used for is easily removed, leaving no residue, it is a top of the range product. The outer surface of this protection tape is white whilst the inner adhesive surface is black. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including cold rolled stainless steel, laminates, painted metal, aluminium, plastic sheets (PVC, PMMA, PC, PS), PVC/metal laminates, and chrome and nickel alloys.