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Mobile phone screen protector tape is a transparent colored silicone adhesive protection tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection based on polyester film. The product provides excellent heat resistant and atmospheric corrosion resistant that protects static electricity when peeling off (Due to its Anti-Static adhesive). Mobile phone fpcb film, a silicone adhesive single sided polyester film has high heat resistance & great insulation effect used for silicone removal and for protection of various adherents. The tape is green in color which allows to easily distinguish between an adherent and the tape. It has low adhesion and easily remove so no residue after peel off. A screen protector is an additional sheet of material commonly polyurethane or glass that can be attached to the screen of an electronic device and protect it against physical damage. Urethane surface protection film, a silicone coated protection film used on ‘Surface Protection’ tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA protector, blue tape). In addition, the product has a featured of high heat resistant and excellent wettability strength. Containing these features, it is easily adhere and peeled off and protects goods from any scratch & stain.  screen protectors to protect the LCD screens of smartphones and other electronic devices, and the technology used in these protectors was originally developed by the United States military as a way to protect helicopter blades and electronic displays from abrasive airborne particles in harsh environments. They are made from a paper-thin clear plastic or tempered glass material that does not affect regular usage of the device and are so transparent that users often do not even realize they are even on their phones.  There are many benefits of using a screen protector, including increased privacy, anti-glare, and prevention of abrasions, and this guide discusses nine of them.