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LCD Protection printing PET film


LCD Protection printing PET film is specifically designed to protect LCD Laptop & Monitor screen. It comes with excellent innitial tack & high adhesion and no residue after peeled-off from the surface. The tape or film coated with rubber adhesive(Synthetic Rubber).

Feature Details
Brand Name [DST] Rubber tape
Material Polyester
Model Number: SR-100
Adhesive: Rubber
Color White, Blue
Price Negotiable


  • Excellent innitial tack & high adhesion
  • No adhesive residue when peeling off
  • Performs great adhesion to PET / Poly Olefine(PE, PP) 
  • Laminated with stripe printed film
  • Used as die-cut depending on its size   


  • SR-100
  • PET base film with Rubber adhesive(Synthetic Rubber) AB side
  • Printing Film & Paper Liner are used
  • Can be also customized!