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Heating Tape with Adjustable Thermostat Control or Time Percentage Control has a moisture & chemical resistant silicone rubber extruded outer sheath and a fiberglass reinforced serpentine-wound stranded heating element. All electrical resistance elements create heat, but some systems are better at transferring this energy. The secret to this heating tape is in its thermally conductive adhesive and its outer reflective sheath. The adhesive surrounds the resistance wire and transfers the thermal energy directly to the surface of the load. The resistance wire itself has a back and forth kink that acts as a spring to absorb expansion and contraction. The outer aluminum sheath spreads heat evenly over the entire surface of the tape and also reflects heat back onto the load. Where space is tight, heating tapes are the perfect solution, allowing high temperatures to be reached quickly and maintained on pipelines, containers and other items. In addition, pre-terminated tapes are available in a variety of popular lengths, ready to install and easy to use requiring no special skills or tools. Heat resistance tape are the tapes which are not burned or melted at any degree of temperature. Heat Resistant Tape has a strong adhesive bond and is highly resistant to shock. High Heat Resistant tape is essential for electrical insulation, cable terminations, and splicing in high-heat applications. This is because tape products that are not specifically designed for this purpose will rapidly lose adhesion, potentially resulting in hazardous conditions. We can use heat resistant tapes where normal tapes will not work properly due high pressure and temperature. They also have low shrinking characteristic due to low coefficient of expansion.  Various heat resistant tapes are available for specialty projects like high bulk glass fiber tapes that have a heavy coating of iron oxide and red silicon rubber. Heat resistant tapes are manufactured with varying width, length, thickness, and color; therefore you get high flexibility for purchasing the tape according to your requirement. They can tolerate temperatures up to 1650° C.