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Single square foot of shattered glass produces almost two hundred razor-like sharp pieces. By installing safety film on your glass windows, you are not only reducing the risk of window glass-related injuries in your home, you are also potentially saving lives.  Safety window film can also be installed onto your glass doors for extra protection. The doors and windows in your home are never 100% safe, in nearly all circumstances and many homeowners do not follow the basic safety standards and principles of security. Even if they do, there is always room for safety improvements. Even minor incidents such as a ball breaking a window pane or slamming against a glass door can turn into a dangerous situation.
Safety window film is available in a completely clear finish. It’s also available in different tints, shades, mirror finishes and colours. Prism window film gives a completely stylish look to your home. Choose from:

  • Frosted film
  • Stained glass film
  • Decorative film
  • Bathroom-only film
  • Obscure window and glass film
  • Patterned and printed film
  • Vinyl film
  • Clear and transparent film
  • Etched glass film
  • Double glazing film

Prism window safety film is created by high tech engineering and include layers of polyester film linked together using several adhesives. The primary purpose of these layers is to build a safety field around the glass and to prevent it from shattering into pieces and causing accidents. The film also provides a high level of privacy, using reflective, one-way mirror technology.