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Carrier tapes are one of the most essential components for bringing your product safely to your customer. Carrier tape hotpress fccl process, a single coated silicone adhesive tape has high heat resistance feature with no transition of adhesives after Hotpress process. This is transparent in color which can be used for simple surface protection and processing carrier purpose. It protects a surface when Hotpress of PI film as well as FCCL copper foil process. FCCL is the key material of FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) which demand is growing for with electronic products getting smaller, lighter and thinner. FCCL is used as a key component in precise electronic devices, as it features great workability, heat resistance, elasticity and chemical resistance. Carrier Tape serves as a reliable and convenient means of protecting and transporting electronic devices and precisely delivering them to the assembly point. Carrier tapes are provided in single and level wind reel configurations. The number of meters of carrier tape that will fit on a given reel is conditional upon the pocket pitch, pocket depth and reel configuration. A tape carrier package (TCP) film for use with liquid crystal displays. The tape carrier package (TCP) film includes depressions and punch holes that enable fast, efficient separation of a tape carrier part, which includes driving integrated circuits, from a peripheral part. The tape carrier part has an “I” shape that is formed by depressions. Punching holes are provided along the depressions to reduce the length of the connection between the tape carrier package part and the peripheral part. The peripheral part includes a plurality of sprocket holes along the edges of the tape carrier package film.