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Copper Conductive Tape has a conductive acrylic adhesive for grounding and RFI/EMI (radio-frequency interference/electromagnetic interference) shielding applications. Also known as EMI shielding tape, it provides a very low rate of electrical resistance for good conductivity. These long-lasting tapes can eliminate the need for screws and mechanical fasteners – while providing for contact grounding and EMI Shielding in the bond line gap/slit. Single sided conductive copper tapes for SEM / FIB applications. Indispensable for making ground contacts between the sample surface and SEM stub or SEM sample holder.  The tape is made with soft copper foil which is easily molded to follow the shape of the sample. Highly electrically conductive tape with conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Resistance through adhesive < 1 Ohm and this tape has a high initial tack to provide good conductivity. Double sided conductive copper tape has a layer of conductive acrylic adhesive on both sides. Highly electrically conductive with a resistance through the adhesive < 1 Ohm. This double sided conductive copper tape has the same specifications as the 3M 1182 tape. Ideal for mounting samples directly on sample stubs whilst establishing a grounding path. Either to mount large samples on stubs or for smaller samples directly on the tape. Non-conductive samples surfaces should be coated to obtain best imaging results. Can be used for long term applications. Much better conductivity than carbon tape and carbon tabs. The soft copper tape can be easily cut to the required size.