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Chemical Resistant Masking Tape has good cohesion and durability. The Tape is used for auto paint industries and workshops. The Chemical Resistant Masking Tape is pressure sensitive and is suitable for paint masking where a paint ridge is desired. Masking tape is a variety of adhesive tape that is recommended for the temporary concealment of surfaces not intended for a finishing process. Masking tapes temporarily protect areas from painting, soldering, blasting, spraying, coating, plating, and polishing while these procedures are administered to nearby surfaces. The composition of masking tape depends on the activity for which it is designed. Masking tapes operate in the exact fashion as other adhesive tapes: a single-piece backing is wound around itself, which holds an adhesive on one side of the backing. Masking tape is applied to surfaces that the operator desires to keep in its existing condition while surface treatments occur in proximity. Most masking tapes are applied by the use of a pressure sensitive adhesive; since most masking tapes are applied by hand, masking tapes are tearable and easily dispensed. Products are rated by the tackiness of the adhesive used (on a scale of 1—100), as well as how long the tape can remain before the adhesion hardens and becomes permanent. Tape removal should be executed as soon as the tape has outlived its usefulness to prevent the adhesive from leaving residue or damaging the surface it was meant to protect.