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Cheap Silicone adhesive polyester tape


Cheap Silicone adhesive polyester tape, a single sided transparent silicone adhesive film with hard-coated layer which protects any scratch on surface. The product is composed 3 distinct layers i.e silicone adhesive + PET film & liner + hard-coated layer. It has great wettability means no air bubbles occur when the product is contacted with the surface.

Feature Details
Brand Name [DST] Silicone tape
Material Polyester
Model Number: CN-8100
Adhesive: Silicone
Color Transparent
Price Negotiable
MOQ Negotiable
Feature Hard-coated layer
Adhesive Side Single Sided
Supply Ability 300000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day


  • Great wettability  No air bubbles occur
  • No residue after peeling-off
  • ‘Die-cut’ is possible due to lamination with a liner 
  • Hard-coated layer protects any scratch on surface
  • Various glass/window/PMMA/PC protection purpose


  • CN-8100

        Silicone adhesive + PET film & liner + hard-coated layer

        total thickness : 125um

        Transmittance : 91.5%

        Haze : 1.2%