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BLUE PET film silicone tape, a single coated high heat resistant and low adhesion silicone adhesive protection tape used for mobile phone. The product consist the polyester film with 80um thickness 1gf/in peel strength. Due to low adhesion it is easy to remove and no residue after peel off this product. Basically it is used for protection purpose of mobile phone or other window surface. Description are, it have High heat resistance, less change on adhesive strength, Low adhesion: Easy for removal after use, No residue after removal, Protection use. Silicone adhesive tape is a highly heat resistant plating masking adhesive tape with a thick adhesive layer applied to a polyester film. Tape with silicone adhesive is used in high temperature masking. Commonly used in Powder Coating, Spray coating, Plating, Electroplating, Anodizing, and high temperature splicing. Removes cleanly after use. Recommended application temperature to achieve best result. It allowing them to be used in applications requiring high temperatures or adhesion to silicone treated surfaces. This tape family offers a range of backing thickness to accommodate application needs from thin tape for splicing to a thicker, stronger tape from pulling through flashing or multiple layers. Mainly used for mobile phone mirror, box, battery storage at the end of the fixed, memory cards, cell phone window, LCD module, and so fixed. Signage fixed LCD reflective film, splicing plastic film, low-energy plastic (PP, PE) of the adhesive is also applicable. Automotive industry fixed ABS plastic parts, rubber, EPDM bonding, electronic equipment, batteries, lenses and windows between the pastes and so on.