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Blue tape is an excellent Heat resistance & electric insulation used for FFC socket protection / used as holding tape for various electric parts & appliances. It is PET base film and Acrylic adhesive with no release liner. The longer-rated tapes are typically less adhesive, and are sold for use on smooth, delicate surfaces such as vinyl wallpaper and recently painted walls. Painter’s (decorator’s) tape in the U.S is most often the blue variety or sometimes purple in color as opposed to the tan or off white household masking tape. Blue Tape a painter’s masking tape found most commonly in US hardware stores or painting supply stores. Blue film tape has a Great wettability and it is easily adhere to an adherend and the peel strength of blue film tape is 250gf/in.  Blue painter’s tape is useful for making a long, straight line on your wall – that can be removed with no residue – if you’re hanging multiple pieces of art or photos at the same level. Alternately, if you’re attempting to lay out multiple frames on the same wall and want to picture how it will look before making all the nail holes, cut the tape into the dimensions of the frame and place it in its prospective new home. You’ll be able to stand back and get a good feel for the final result, and adjusting the tape is much easier than more drilling or nailing.  Blue painter’s tape is less permanent and sticky than regular masking tape or duct tape, but is easy to write on (unlike packing or scotch tape), it’s great for labeling. Use it to label everything from cords behind your desk or entertainment center, to yard sale item, food in your fridge, or your children’s school items. Blue tape is a critical part of any painter’s arsenal. In certain situations it is THE product you need to make straight lines and protect surfaces. However, it’s not always needed–or even ideal–for all painting situations.