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Anti-scratch silicone low adhesion PET film consist the hard-coated layer protects any scratch on surface and no residue after peel-off from the surface. The product has great wettability and no air bubbles. This is laminated with White PET liner so ‘die-cut’ is possible due to lamination with a liner. An anti-scratch or scratch-resistant coating is a film or coating that can be applied to optical surfaces, such as the faces of a lens or photographic film. In addition to lenses, anti-scratch coatings are often used on plastic products wherever optical clarity, weathering and chemical resistance are required. Anti-scratch hard coated optical PET film, an anti-scratch hard coated layer + Optical PET film layer protects any scratch on surface. It is also known as 3H PET film with good hardness & Abrasion resistance film. The application is for PDA, Digital camera, NB screens, mobile phone panels. The hardness id 3 H in pencil hardness. It protect all electronic panels, lens or screen to be scratched under transportation or manual mistaken procession. Self-adhesive scratch-protection films (anti-scratch) protect valuable glass panes from scratching and damage. Shop windows, bus stops, buses, trains and display cabinets are particularly endangered by daily vandalism. Anti-scratch films are transparent and crystal clear, thus almost invisible, and detachable. Scratch-protection film is stripped off when damaged and simply replaced by a new protective film. Silicone film is a thin polyester film mainly designed as a release film and for adhesive liners. It provides three levels of anti-adherence and can be custom cut according to your specific uses. Silicone coated polyester films are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).