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Release liner is a paper or plastic-based film sheet (usually applied during the manufacturing process) used to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering. It is coated on one or both sides with a release agent, which provides a release effect against any type of a sticky material such as an adhesive or a mastic. Release liners are available in different colors, with or without printing under the low surface energy coating or on the backside of the liner. Release is separation of the liner from a sticky material; liner is the carrier for the release agent. The mechanical strength makes the siliconized Polyester suitable for high speed application and high speed die-cutting. The excellent smoothness surface makes this release liner perfect for using when facestock clarity is essential. This pressure-sensitive full-sheet substrate is perfect for creating unique, end-user applications, including product branding, signage, barcodes, QR codes, identification labels, sticker sheets, wraparound labels and more. Easily applied to a variety of surfaces; conformable and can be painted or applied over painted surfaces

  • Simplified installation process; fast and easy to apply
  • Landfillable; contains no VOCs
  • Transmisivity test report available