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Urethane surface protection film, a silicone coated protection film used on ‘Surface Protection’ tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA protector, blue tape). In addition, the product has a featured of high heat resistant and excellent wettability strength. Containing these features, it is easily adhere and peeled off and protects goods from any scratch & stain. Urethane Acrylic hybrid Surface Protection Film, an acrylic adhesive protective tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection based on PET film with Urethane Modified Acrylic adhesive. The product comes with excellent wettability anti-static feature as well as no residue after removal. Urethane films are primarily used for permanent exterior paint protection in automotive applications. They provide an extremely resilient, abrasion resistant barrier between surface and environment in vehicle areas susceptible to scratching and stone chipping. This product is an elastic and transparent urethane film, 6-8 mils in thickness, with a pressure sensitive mounting adhesive and a clear release liner intended for appropriate smooth surface applications as a removable and sacrificial surface protectant against sand, gravel, road debris, insects, etc. The release liner is removed immediately prior to installation and the film is applied to smooth painted or plastic surfaces using a surfactant based water solution or proprietary application gel. Patterns to fit vehicle areas are often pre-cut with a computer controlled plotting system. surface protection films designed to prevent abrasion, scratching during manufacturing and damage during delivery cycles .Our protective film withstand the stress of manufacturing processes like cutting, bending, deep drawing as well as the effect of mechanical handling during manufacturing and transportation.