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Flexible sintered ferrite sheets are products designed for high-performance magnetic flux redirection. The correct management of the magnetic flux improves the energy and data transfer in inductive coupled systems (NFC, RFID, Wireless Power, and others), achieving a higher-efficiency and communication range. Size and weight are critical parameters in today’s electronic devices, and with the last generation ferrite compositions used in WE-FSFS, optimal results are achieved with minimal thickness. PET protective layer: High surface resistivity and adhesive strength to protect the ferrite layer. Pre-cut sintered ferrite layer: The core of the product; its magnetic properties concentrate and control the external magnetic fields. Adhesive layer: High adhesive strength to protect the ferrite and to apply the product. Rigid and flexible ferrite plates can improve performance of RFID and NFC antennas, as well as noise suppression on PCB’s and IC’s from internal and external sources. Additionally, performance improvement can be seen in reception and transmission on wireless charging applications. The use of ferrite plates can prevent batteries from overheating, and unintended current circulation in parts outside of the charging circuit. Korean tape and shielding materials maker EMI Tape has launched a range of flexible ferrite sheets for use in NFC and wireless power charging products. Available in three thicknesses, the ferrite sheet can be used as shielding for the NFC antenna in a mobile phone. NFC antenna double sided acrylic film, a base of polyster material which has features of high pressure sensitive, heat resistant with 500~2000gf/in adhesion. This film/tape incorporates unique material to be effectively connected to Low Surface Plastics (Polyolefin, Polypropylene, and so on.