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Battery tapes included a no of different tapes like Polyonics polyimide tapes, which are dimensionally stable at high temperatures so they remaining intact during the numerous temperature cycles batteries experience. The tapes also insulate the batteries from external high temperature heat sources within the device. In addition, the halogen free (including bromine and chlorine free), flame retardant tapes prevent the propagation of fire.Owing to the excellent chemical resistance of Ni, Ni-coated steel sheets are widely and mainly used as battery case material of alkali manganese dry, lithium-ion and Ni metal-hydride batteries (Fig. 1). Furthermore, by taking advantage of the heat resistance that Ni has, Ni-coated steel sheets are also used for heated members of cooking appliances. seal tape capable of preventing an electrode assembly from moving in a secondary battery, and a secondary battery using the same are disclosed. The seal tape for a secondary battery is attached to the outer surface of the electrode assembly which is received in a battery case, and includes a first adhesive layer having an adhesive surface adhered to the outer surface of the electrode assembly, a second adhesive layer having an adhesive surface at a side opposite to the adhesive surface of the first adhesive layer so as to adhere to an inner surface of the battery case, and a protective layer formed on the second adhesive layer, wherein the protective layer is entirely or partially removed by reating with an electrolyte of the secondary battery.