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Surface Protection Film, a protection silicone PSAs tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC. It comes with a very good features such as anti-scratch hard coating, excellent wetting and high transmittance. It can be removed cleanly after use without adhesive residue and provided as Die-Cut goods (laminated with a liner). Surface Protection Film, an acrylic adhesive protective tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection based on PET film with Urethane Modified Acrylic adhesive. The product comes with excellent wettability anti-static feature as well as no residue after removal. Transparent rubber adhesive tape, a polyester based rubber adhesive surface protection film laminated with a PET liner used for peeling a PVC liner off. This product takes advantage of the strengths of above 4 kgf/in and 110 +- 5 thickness with excellent initial tack & high adhesion. In their simplest form, a temporary surface protection film is a thickness of plastic coated with a thickness of a specialized pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). A key word when describing protective film adhesives is temporary. Daest Coating offers a unique line of films to help protect surfaces against dust, dirt, fingerprints, contamination, scratching and abrasion common during production, shipping and storage in so many industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and construction. Surface protection film is generally used for preventing the scratches of the surface, or safeguarding it from dust particles and similar particles in the air. It also provides protection from damage, transportation and moisture. This Film is basically a protective film against high abrasion and resistant to wear and tear of daily use.