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Strong Adhesion Film (SAF), aimed at high-end engineering and fabrication projects that require extra protection during repeated processing, including milling, drilling, bending, cutting and thermoforming. The polycarbonate sheets that are used for these heavy fabrication projects, often go through different or aggressive mechanical processes before the end product is made. SAF ensures that our polycarbonate sheet withstands these rigorous fabrication processes and protects the surface from scratching and abrasion at all times. The durable and jog gable film is much heavier, providing outstanding surface protection particularly for the thicker range polycarbonate sheets (5 – 15mm) that can be more difficult to handle and have more potential to score during handling, fabrication and storage. The polycarbonate has a layer of SAF on both sides of the sheet, ensuring maximum protection. Offering an adhesion level that is three times higher than standard film, SAF remains in place and intact during fabrication. It maintains its adhesion level and offers sufficient tack for reapplication in case the film needs to be peeled back. The film is easy to remove, even after thermoforming, without leaving residue. SAF is glue-free, enabling the polycarbonate sheets to be used for warm bending and shallow thermoforming. In addition it is particularly suitable for cutting, cold bending and digital printing. It has a clear finish so the product remains visible. Silicones have been used to formulate adhesive products for decades due to their flexibility, temperature cycling resistance, chemical resistance, and wide range of possible material properties.