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Soldering masking rubber tape, also known as rubber PET tape, are ideal for use in solder wave masking and high temperature paint operations. These soldering masking rubber tape are also recognized as High Temperature Masking Tapes. They are made from crepe paper with rubber adhesive that can be removed cleanly without leaving any residue. Designed for masking component holes or areas on PCBs during wave soldering or conformal coating, these pressure sensitive masking discs will withstand a five to eight second exposure to molten solder at 250°C. There is no adhesive transfer when the discs are removed, the rubber-based adhesive containing no silicones. Discs should be removed before solvent cleaning. Masking tape, also known as painter’s tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. The tape is available in several strengths, rated on a 1–100 scale based on the strength of the adhesive. Most painting operations will require a tape in the 50 range. Household masking tape is made of an even weaker paper and lower-grade adhesive. Self-amalgamating tape is a non-tacky silicone-rubber tape which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes combines or unites itself into a strong, seamless, rubbery, waterproof, and electrically insulating layer.