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Smartphone glass screen protection film, a defensive film/tape in light of polyester film with silicone glue and intended for touch telephone window, glass, PMMA and PC assurance. The item accompanies against scratch and great wetting alongside no residue when it peeled-off from the surface.


  • Protects TSP window for Smart Phone and Tablet PC
  • Prevents damage(scratch, strain) on products such as display panel, mobile phone, PDA etc, and protects from impairment during manufacturing or transportation
  • Minimizes foreign material by anti-static treatment
  • Depends on the surface of subject material and usable condition, various types of film (Polyimide, Polyester, PPS and PEN) and adhesives (Silicone and Acrylic) will be selected.
  • Hard Coated Layer: abrasion resistant, anti-finger print, anti-glare and easy printing
  • PSA Layer: Easy finger slip, excellent wetting
  • Easily adhere and peel off
  • Provides excellent heat resistant and atmospheric corrosion resistant
  • Provides various products depending on the surface of the subject material and usage conditions
  • Anti-static treatment is supported upon customers’ request
  • Customized product is available from R&D and production
  • No residue on the TSP window



  • ST-6525AS

–  Protective tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection based on polyester film.

  • ST-6500AS

– Protective tape based on polyester film with silicone adhesive and designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection.

– Features such as anti-scratch, excellent wetting.

– Can be removed cleanly after use without adhesive residue.

  • ST-8546HC

– Protective tape designed for glass & product protection featuring no adhesion & prevention of scratch on surface based on polyester film.