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Single Sided Tape application is similar to regular Tape-In installation. It’s easy to install, super seamless, and easy to maintain. Single Sided Tape is designed for clients with thin, fine hair. Tape-In Hair extensions are great for all types of hair, but they work especially well for thin haired clients. The mini-weft format allows for even distribution across a section of hair. Each section of client’s hair is sandwiched between two Tape-In Hair Extension wefts, which makes it seamless, natural looking, and easy to install. Single Sided Tape is especially designed for women with extra fine hair. By using half as many Tape-In wefts, the extensions are gentle on delicate hair. It’s a weightless, smooth solution for a natural look. Single-Sided Tape, also known as Single-Coated Tape or Single-Faced Tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, foil, cloth or paper face stock with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side, and either has a silicone release liner or is self-wound. When it comes to fine hair, it is easier for the hair to use a single sided tape hair extension. This method is used by replacing the bottom tape-in hair extension weft with the hair being placed in between one piece of hair extension and one piece of single sided tape. Single-sided adhesive tapes are most frequently used for insulation of transformers, relays, compensators, coils in electro-engineering, but also for harnessing of cables in automotive industries. The combination of separate materials – adhesives, carrier films, foils and textiles allows us to create nearly indefinite number of technical solutions in the form of particular tapes. Single sided tapes, cloths, films and foils are used for a wide range of applications, in a variety of industries. We offer a comprehensive range of specialty single sided tapes, film tapes and foil tapes to suit a wide range of bonding solutions including sealing, marking, masking and protecting.