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Silicone Coated Polyester Film. Using superior quality polymer, these are produced and then coated with silicone layer by our expert personnel as per national norms. The offered films belong to release film type category and well acclaimed of their transparency, softness, moisture-proof property, printability etc. Such outstanding features and availability in various colors, thicknesses, sizes and finishes make these Silicone Coated Pet Films find their high use for making cosmetic and consumer goods label. Further, you can order silicone pet films from here by just few clicks as well as order on phone. Our executive will safely deliver your order at the specified place within the promised time period. Extremely high levels of curing of the silicone layer on the PET film minimizes the issue of back side transfer, which is known to be present in most off line coated release materials. The silicone system is extremely well anchored to the film surface. The release force of our film is tuned to fit most standard adhesives (in particular water based acrylic adhesives), but can be adjusted to customer needs over a wide range from easy to tight release. Silicone coated PET films are characterized by their outstanding release properties in combination with inherent polyester film characteristics such as high mechanical strength, low shrinkage, clarity and chemical resistance.