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Silicone adhesive polyester tape, a single sided transparent silicone adhesive film with hard-coated layer which protects any scratch on surface. The product is composed 3 distinct layers i.e. silicone adhesive + PET film & liner + hard-coated layer. It has great wettability means no air bubbles occur when the product is contacted with the surface. Description are Great wettability  No air bubbles occur, No residue after peeling-off, ‘Die-cut’ is possible due to lamination with a liner, Hard-coated layer protects any scratch on surface and Various glass/window/PMMA/PC protection purpose. Cheap Silicone adhesive polyester tape allowing them to be used in applications requiring high temperatures or adhesion to silicone treated surfaces. This tape family offers a range of backing thickness to accommodate application needs from thin tape for splicing to a thicker, stronger tape from pulling through flashing or multiple layers. Cheap Silicone adhesive polyester tape is a no/low residue tape designed for splicing and masking applications where high initial adhesion is required, but no residue once the tape is removed. Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives exhibit hydrophobic and inert (for the live organism properties), they can be utilized over a wide range of temperatures (-40 to +300ºC). Silicone adhesives are different from traditional acrylate and rubber based adhesive products in a number of ways.  Key differences include Constant level of adhesive strength over time, reduced skin cell stripping and hair pulling at removal, little to no residue is left on the skin at removal. Protection tape offers a quick and easy way to ensure your goods arrive to the end user in the condition that is expected; reducing returns, repairs and replacements.