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Semi Conductive Silicone tape is a tape consisting of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film containing conductive carbons as its base material. Single surface treated and coated with an acrylic adhesive. The base material is semi conductive and prevents static. Properties are High heat resistance & Excellent Insulation effect, No residue after removal, High adhesion and great ‘tack’, Laminated with Fluorosilicone Release Liner> can be supplied as die cut, Semi-conductive PSA -> minimize static electricity. Semi conductive base material prevents accumulation of static, Can smoothly laminate, wind, bind and seal, just like regular adhesive tapes. Electrically conductive rubbers are typically used for EMI applications. But they are also useful for EMP protection, wave-guide applications and against static electricity. The rubber can be filled with silver, nickel, silvered glass, silvered aluminium, or graphite (only for ESD). Commercial EMI applications often choose Nickel-graphite conductive rubber (Part number 5760) or Graphite conductive rubber (Part number 5755) from a costs point of view, while military and aerospace applications often call for Silver copper silicone conductive rubber (Part number 5750) to meet Mil-G-83528C specifications. In military or aerospace, Fluorosilicone versions may also be used due to their chemical and fuel resistance.