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Rubber Tape is a conformable, self-fusing rubber electrical insulating and sealing tape. It consists of an ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) backing coated with an aggressive, temperature-stable mastic adhesive. Comprehensive range of single sided rubber tapes ideal for a wide range of sealing and dampening applications across transportation, enclosure, marine, concreting, construction and glazing industries. Closed cell rubber offers strong resistance to weathering, abrasion, petrochemicals, acids and solvents, while being flame retardant. Highly conformable with a low compression set. The rubber is highly conformable while also having a low compression set. An adhesive is a material used for holding two surfaces together. An adhesive must wet the surfaces, adhere to the surfaces, develop strength after it has been applied, and remain stable Rubber is derived as a latex from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). The raw latex is collected and concentrated and either sold as a latex or coagulated and sold as solid for solvent dissolution. Adhesives made from natural rubber, which is essentially polyisoprene, are very tacky and are used in pressure sensitive applications or where long bond times and tack are required such as tapes, ceramic tile adhesives, flooring adhesives etc.