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RFI shielding tapes offer an economical solution for containing signals emitted from your components. As well as preventing this interference they seal out random signals in the environment to protect sensitive equipment. Their conductive adhesive offers static charge drainage, to eliminate potentially dangerous static build-up. Particles in the conductive adhesive provide low contact resistance between the substrate and the backing.  Aluminium and copper foil shielding tapes are easy to install and, utilizing our converting capabilities, can be die-cut to any shape to fit precisely into your products, making them ideal for thin or low profile applications. They offer a reliable and long-term shielding solution, maintaining the performance and quality of your products. These include fabric shielding tapes, aluminium, tin-plated copper foil tapes and copper shielding tape with non-conductive or conductive adhesives.

Shielding tape applications include:

o    Shielding of seams and apertures in shielded rooms

o    Shielding around individual electronic components and cables

o    I/O shielding panels

o    Shielding of keyboard devices

o    Used around the outside of coils, relays, and other components to prevent broadband EMI emissions

o    Shielding doors and panels of electronic cabinets and enclosures

o    Shielding of electro-medical devices

o    Ground planes or shields for electronic cables and connectors