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A flexible, synthethic hydrocarbon polymer. It is produced from a simple olefin (alkene) with the general formula CnH2n. Itshealthrelated uses include storage bags and containers for blood components, infusion devices and tubes for intravenousfluids, and prosthetic body parts.Dicing tape is a backing tape used during wafer dicing, the cutting apart of pieces of semiconductor material following wafer micro fabrication. Dicing tape can be made of PVC, polyolefin, or polyethylene backing material with an adhesive to hold the dies in place. Polyethylene films are the most common type of plastic, and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Offering flexibility, conformability, and excellent chemical resistance, these films are used in a range of applications from surface protection to packaging to application tape. Polyethylene film is available with or without adhesive and various grades of densities. Polyethylene film is the primary material for polyethylene tape, which used as backing, and other material is adhesive or rubber used as primer. Adhesive can be used both side of the films. Polyolefin plastics and fibers keep our carpeting clean and transport moisture away from the body to keep our active wear dry. They protect sterile environments and soak up industrial spills. PP is literally ‘on the job’ in our homes, cars and businesses, each and every day. This tape is supplied on a fluorosilicone-coated white polyester release liner. May be used for health care medical devices.