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Protection Film prevents damage (Scratch, Strain) on surface of product such as smart phone window, Glass, PMMA, PC, Bezel. It also can be used without any transition of product in a wide range of temperature circumstances. Silicone screen protector film, an anti-fingerprint (AF) silicone adhesive protection film used for consumer accessory like smart phone, tablet protection film/tape. It is featured with Anti-fingerprint (AF) and protecting the touch phone window, Smartphone, Tablet. It also consist the protection polyester film and excellent wettability means no air bubbles when applied. The product is easy to peel off and no residue after removal. Anti-finger protection film, a single coated silicone adhesive tape or film used for the protection of touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC. The protection tape or film based on polyester film laminated with a liner that can be provided as Die-Cut goods. It has excellent wettability with no air bubbles. Smartphone glass screen protection film, a defensive film/tape in light of polyester film with silicone glue and intended for touch telephone window, glass, and PMMA and PC assurance. The item accompanies against scratch and great wetting alongside no residue when it peeled-off from the surface. Anti-scratch screen protector film, a single sided silicone adhesive tape based on polyester. The product featured with optical PET film, anti-scratch hard coating used for smartphone screen protector. It is thick single sided tape with total 280um thickness and 10gf/2in peel strength used for Smart phone, tablet, PC, PMMA, etc. Protective Film Tape is a clean removal tape which combines a durable and conformable polyethylene film backing with a moderate tack, low adhesion acrylic adhesive which will not leave residue or damage most surfaces.