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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape (also known as: PSA, self-adhesive, self-stick adhesive) is a major category of adhesive tapes and is a relatively thin flexible material with single or double sided coating. PSA will adhere to a variety of substrates when applied to most clean and dry surfaces with pressure. Pressure Sensitive adhesives do not require solvent, water, or heat to activate the adhesive. The bond is directly influenced by the amount of pressure which is used to apply the adhesive to the surface. PSA tape has rapidly become the innovative choice for protecting, sealing, bonding and communicating in multiple industries. Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) tapes are used in many different applications with new uses being discovered almost daily. PSA use will continue to grow as a solution to fastening and joining due to advances in adhesive technology, ease of use, and its low cost compared to traditional fastening systems. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment with temperatures below 25°C and relative humidity below 80%. Do not store in direct sunlight or excess temperature/ humidity for prolonged periods of time. Exceeding these recommended storage conditions could result in inconsistent product performance. Allow the product to stabilize at room temperature for 48 hours prior to use. Pressure sensitive anti-static cover tape is used to tape surface mount components and devices securely into preformed blister pack carrier reels in which they are packaged.  These special products ensure secure protection of components during transport and also against ESD damage during the packaged lifetime of the components. The specially formulated adhesives provide an even peel from the various carrier reels and this prevents any interruption of components during pick and place operation when loading PCB’s.