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Silicones have been used to formulate adhesive products for decades due to their flexibility, temperature cycling resistance, chemical resistance, and wide range of possible material properties. Polyimide Tape is a high-temperature resistant polyimide tape on a 2mil PET Release Liner. It is designed for high temperature temporary bonding applications and it removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat or chemicals. It may also be used in electrical insulation applications that require Class H Tape grade. Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape is made by first taking polyimide film and coating it with a heat-resistant silicone adhesive. Due to its stable pressure-sensitive macromolecule adhesive layer at high temperature, the tape offers excellent properties of heat resistance, electrical insulation, solvent resistance and radiation protection. Being silicone, it offers better elongation at break, and is used for electrical insulation of electrical equipment and high temperature insulation. It offers the highest heat resistance among film adhesive tapes, so it can also be applied for insulation in high-end electronic equipment, motors, and Lithium (Li) batteries. Other applications include the protection of the gold fingers on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) during wave soldering, as lead-free solders often require reflow temperatures up to 260°C – an operating temperature for which polyimide tape is uniquely suited – leaving no adhesive film once the tape is removed. Finally (though the true list of applications is nearly endless), it can be used for shielding in high temperature applications. Polyimide Tape is a polyimide film tape incorporating a high performance silicone adhesive. The product is designed for numerous temperature masking application, and is approved for use in electrical insulation applications meeting class H requirements. Polyimide Tapes are manufactured by our adroit professionals with utmost perfection as per the requirements of the clients by utilizing high grade raw materials and advanced technology.