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PET Acrylic double sided tape is a strong adhesion (peel strength) and excellent weather resistance tape/film which can easily adhere to various surfaces. PET double-sided tape is a double-sided adhesive tape consisting of a transparent polyester film and acrylic adhesive. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plasticizers and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures. PET double-sided tape offers an excellent immediate adhesion performance to secure reliable bonding strength even to low energy substrates such as PP or PE. PET double-sided tape, also known as PET tape or PET high temperature tape. It is composed of thin flexible substrate (PET/PVC) made of acrylic acid. PET double-sided tape is a transparent, double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. Double Sided Tape is a high quality double sided PET tape with solvent acrylic adhesive that combines high initial tack and good shear properties. PET tape boasts useful qualities such as adaptability to different surfaces and high temperature resistance up to 100°C. The side of silicon adhesive is most suitable for silicon-rubber bonding, and the other side of acrylic adhesive is suitable for metal, glass or plastic materials. It is specially designed for the process of silicone-rubber pre-laminated work first and die-cutting work after. It is also suitable for electronic Industry. Double Sided Tapes feature an internal carrier, such as polyester film, tissue or paper. The internal carrier is coated on both sides with specialty formulated adhesive and then matched to a removable liner. Double Sided Tapes have more dimensional stability than adhesive transfer tapes and are applied either manually or through automated equipment.