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Optically clear adhesives or OCA films are a popular material used in the medical device and electronics markets for screen bonding. This material bonds the cover lens, plastic, or other optical materials to the main sensor unit on a device. Optically Clear Adhesives are used to bond touch screens, LCD flat panel displays, transparent graphic overlays and other devices that require a transparent bond. For electronics screen bonding it is crucial to use tight tolerance die cut pieces to ensure the device does not have excess adhesive or contaminants around the perimeter of the device. This helps to create the strongest possible bond while minimizing the weight of the adhesive used in the device. This is an acid-free type optically clear adhesive sheet designed to meet the requirements of film type touch sensors. It is ideal for the attachment of transparent conductive film, 3D film and various types of optical films. Liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) is liquid-based bonding technology used in touch panels and display devices to bind the cover lens, plastic, or other optical materials to the main sensor unit or each other. These adhesives improve optical characteristics and durability. It is suitable to be used for bonding optical film, cover glass, and cover plastic to flat panel displays, etc. An OCA tape consists of highly specialized free-film isotropic adhesives, formulated specifically for transparent applications and to help create high quality, reliable products. The transparent adhesive is engineered to help eliminate common adhesive visual defects such as bubbles, dirt and gels.