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This is a very low-adhesion film used as a secondary material to improve yield in film and foil processing. It has excellent dimensional stability and causes no heat-shrinkage damage to the adherent product even in high-temperature environments. It also has strong chemical resistance. tape, is used as a protection film and it is a solitary sided straight forward silicone cement film with hard-covered layer which ensures any scratch on surface. The item is formed 3 particular layers i.e. silicone cement + PET film and liner + hard-covered layer. It has incredible wettability implies no air bubbles happen when the item is reached with the surface. Polyester film tape is acrylic adhesive provides quick stick and excellent long term holding in splicing application. Polyester has a colored version are highly visible for application where marking or identification is required. Polyester tape also protect surface from abrasion and rough handling. Cheap Silicone adhesive polyester tape, a single sided transparent silicone adhesive film with hard-coated layer which protects any scratch on surface. The product is composed 3 distinct layers i.e. silicone adhesive + PET film & liner + hard-coated layer. It has great wettability means no air bubbles occur when the product is contacted with the surface. Urethane Acrylic hybrid Surface Protection Film, an acrylic adhesive protective tape designed for touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC protection based on PET film with Urethane Modified Acrylic adhesive. The product comes with excellent wettability anti-static feature as well as no residue after removal.