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Protection Films help protect displays against damage that can occur from the rigors of everyday use. Engineered with a low-tack adhesive, the films are easy to apply and easy to remove. Available in a variety of finishes to meet specific application requirements. Anti-Glare screens will generally block from 90-99% of glare from external light sources. They also have anti-radiation and anti-static properties, although this is only good for CRT monitors as LCD’s have very little radiation and are anti-static by nature.
They will also help to protect your screen from fingerprints and scratches. Anti-glare screens use hangers to attach to the monitor, but check to see that they have the correct hanger for your monitor as the CRT and LCD hangers are different. Also be sure to choose a glare screen that is the right size for your monitor. Anti-reflective overlay film works by offering highly increased levels of screen clarity and screen visibility in outdoor situations—settings where glare from the sun, for instance, would otherwise darken a device’s LCD screen, thereby making it literally impossible to read.