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Mobile phone camera module poron protection tape/film, an acrylic dark blue single coated tape/film used for poron protection. This product is layered with 3 layer i.e. PET Film + Acrylic adhesive + Paper liner. Consisting great weather resistance and also paper liner is added for easier after-processing. High-level technologies are required for mobile devices as they become small and slim and customers demand high resolution and multiple functions. We own advanced technologies based on optical, electronic, and electric mechanism design know-how that are necessary for camera modules. Description are Poron protection tape Easily applied and removed, have Great weather resistance, No residue after removal And Paper liner is added for easier after-processing. Mobile phone camera is a sensor/camera module designed for use across a range of mobile phone handsets and accessories. It embeds high quality still camera functions and also supports rich video. For these camera modules designed to work with any host with a standardized camera interface, separate hardware accelerator device (coprocessor) can be integrated in the mobile phone system to run the associated image processing algorithms in hardware where the baseband cannot support this processing load Or these camera modules can be directly connected to a baseband or multimedia processor. No dedicated coprocessor is required in the second configuration because the image processing is done in software (or hardware) within the baseband processor.